Make the hardwood floor a bit shiny.
James K.
Their service is excellent, very organized and punctual. The work was done within the timeframe promised. They went above and beyond to accommodate our schedule and Sam made sure the work is to our complete satisfaction. We absolutely recommend them for your flooring work.
Mahnaz Torei
I'd like to express my extreme gratitude for the expertise, customer service, and timely completion of the renovation to our office. Sam was both delightful and very helpful throughout the entire process. The team worked very diligently to complete project and followed up to ensure everything was to our satisfaction and completed correctly. A stellar example of service that is sure to make a positive difference to every customer. Tom
Tom Panoulias
The two very conscientious workers were always on time, never hurried through just to get finished. Product was entirely satisfactory.
James and Alan Bakes
Good product good service. Need time to know if product durable.
Linda Castelino
The stairs insulation did a bad finishing . The job should start at second week of August it was delay in forth week in August. It cost a lot of money more than others company . The only thing was very good the gentlemen he was dealing with me and insulter he's name is ( Sam ) he work so hard to do everything in a right way .
Shahira Osman
Excellent product and excellent service. Very satisfied with both. Thank you very much
Penny Gumulya (for Arnold Bako - condo)
Completed floor lamination and oak stairs on time, Excellent job, used original materials. Very honest the contractor did not cash our cheque till the final inspections was completed. good job thank you
Akrami Karima
The installation was completed without any issues.
Barbara Abrams
Job not finished as need to resolve transition treatment to step
Arlena Hebert