Vinyl Wood Floor


At Floor Coverings International North York, we know that hardwood floors are popular and can make any home look beautiful and elegant. The problem with hardwood floors is that they are not always within budget. Other homeowners may like the look of hardwood but may not find the maintenance appealing. We have many other flooring options that appeal to our customers, one of them being vinyl wood flooring.

About Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl wood floors imitate the look of hardwood floors. They’re just as attractive as natural wood floors but often have a lower cost and added benefits. Vinyl is made primarily of plastic and has multiple layers for added durability and a realistic-looking image that gives it the appearance of natural stone or wood.

The Benefits of Vinyl Wood Flooring

• A vinyl wood floor has a wide variety of styles and can even simulate distressed wood and other types of hardwood.
• It can be more comfortable to walk and stand on than the flooring it imitates.
• Wood vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. Just sweep and mop when needed! It is also resistant to spills and stains.
• It is one of the more versatile flooring options. It can be made in practically any color imaginable to complement the decor and style of any room in the home.
• Hardwood warping or cupping will not be a concern with realistic wood looking vinyl flooring!
• It can also last upwards of 20 years without needing to be repaired or replaced.

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Photo Credit: wk1003mike