Wood Tile North York


Floor Coverings International North York is your local expert on hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is elegant and timeless, but it can also be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Wood tile is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants the beauty of a hardwood floor without the upkeep or price tag.

About Wood Tile

Wood tile isn’t actually hardwood but is a tile that mimics hardwood flooring. Wood floor tiles are often ceramic or porcelain and look stunningly similar to real hardwood floors. Wood tiles are a popular choice because homeowners can now have the appearance of hardwood flooring with the additional benefits of tile.

Why Wood Tile Is a Great Choice

Wood tiles are beautiful and offer numerous benefits for homeowners. While hardwood floors can warp or rot over time, this does not happen with wood look tile. A wood floor tile has simple maintenance, so homeowners just have to sweep and mop when needed! Wood tile is more ideal for rooms with high levels of moisture like the kitchen or bathroom, and can even be made into beautiful backsplashes to protect walls from water damage.

Wood tiles are very durable. They can crack or chip if heavy items are dropped on them, but they hold up remarkably well to everyday foot traffic. They can still look brand new and glossy decades after being installed! A pet’s claws, high heels, or moving furniture is not an issue with these scratch-resistant tiles. And unlike hardwood, they’ll keep their appearance without needing to be sanded, polished, waxed, or refinished.

Wood tiles have many options when it comes to color, pattern, and design. Wood tiles can also come in planks for a more realistic hardwood flooring appearance. While tile can be a bit colder than hardwood floors, having radiant heating installed underneath the tile or using area rugs can help to avoid this problem. You’ll love the easy and nail-free installation process!

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Photo Credit: Photographee.eu