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The professionals at Floor Coverings International North York have the knowledge and expertise to help any homeowner in North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham and surrounding areas accomplish all of their flooring needs. If you’re struggling to find flooring with a chic aesthetic appeal that will also stand the test of time, look no further than wood-look tile. Wood-look tile is a suitable option for homeowners in North York because it covers all of the bases and at an affordable cost!

About Wood Look Tile

Wood-look tiles are actually made from ceramic and robust porcelain. Modern printers etch unique wood-like imagery on each tile, closely mimicking a wide range of hardwoods. It’s the optimal flooring option for any busy space because it effortlessly resists accidental spills and rough loving. With dark or light hues, knotty or loose grains, you will find almost any combination of the natural wood look that you can dream. This tile will allow you to achieve the exact hardwood look you’re looking for, whether it’s for your floor or as a decorative element on a wall.

Design & Home

Crafted from sturdy porcelain and ceramic tile, wood look tiles work wonders in areas of the home where installing hardwood would be risky. You can put it anywhere you want hardwood but are worried about the possible affects of foot traffic or high humidity, like the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. The shape, size, and coloration can all be easily customized to fit whatever look you’re going for.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wood look tile requires a similar maintenance routine as regular ceramic or porcelain tiles. The key difference however is that professionally installed wood look tiles tend to have few grout lines to worry about. Your floor will last for decades as long as you regularly mop or sweep your tiles and clean up spills immediately.

Start Today

Our experts are committed to helping North York homeowners with all of their flooring needs, whether it’s answering questions regarding wood look tile or leading them to a flooring alternative that would best suit their personal situation! Give the friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International North York a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We offer a wide range of services and house a variety of flooring alternatives for homeowners in the greater North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham area.

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