Sandstone tile flooring could be the perfect addition to your North York home. This natural stone flooring will bring beauty and warmth to any room. Floor Coverings International North York is proud to bring sandstone tile flooring straight to North York homeowners.

Benefits of Sandstone Tile Flooring

sandstone tile flooring

Visually Appealing

Sandstone flooring comes equipped with beautiful, unique patterns and stunning shades. This is an elegant and visually appealing option for any area of your home. Sandstone is available in various shades of brown, gray, and white. The patterns found in sandstone are also versatile, ranging from dramatic waves to a simple, understated texture.


Natural stone flooring is a durable addition to your home, and sandstone is no exception. Though softer than granite or slate, sandstone will still last decades when cared for properly. Though sandstone is porous – meaning it absorbs water – it can be treated with a sealant to improve water resistance.

Natural and Unique

Sandstone is naturally sourced. This means that every sandstone tile is completely unique, with subtle to dramatic variations in color, texture, and pattern. Sandstone tile will create a completely unique flooring for your home.

sandstone flooring

Where Can I Use Sandstone Tiling?

The durability and visual appeal of sandstone make it ideal for nearly any area of your home. This flooring works beautifully in the kitchen, particularly when the tiles have been sealed to improve water resistance. Sandstone tile flooring can add natural warmth and elegance to your home as a living room flooring. Sandstone will also make an excellent addition to bedrooms and outdoor areas.


It’s important to avoid acidic cleaners and spills on sandstone flooring, as they can cause permanent staining and discoloration. Only use cleaners with a basic pH, and be careful with acidic liquids such as soda and fruit juice.

Sandstone is durable, but it can still be scratched or chipped with force. Be careful with heavy objects, such as furniture, and clean up sharp debris immediately.

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