For an easy-keeping, high-quality, versatile flooring material that won’t break the bank, then laminate flooring might be for you. For your home in North York, you can easily choose from a number of flooring materials to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. It’s really amazing what these new laminate materials can do to improve the look and function of any living space. Learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International North York.

laminate flooring in north york


Laser printed to ensure longevity, laminate flooring can come in wood, tile, stone, and many other patterns. Laminate flooring is typically produced in tiles, planks, and sheets. Because laminate is recyclable, this is a great eco-friendly way to add style to your home. Let’s take a look at the three key types of laminate.

Sheet Laminate

Sheet laminate is not your grandma’s kitchen flooring anymore. The new designs are quite simple to install, plus they resist water damage and bubbling with normal care. This tile can be had in a variety of the same styles as plank and tile laminates, and can quickly cover a large space in short order with the right tools and know-how.

Laminate Tile

Square laminate tiles come in sizes from 12”x12” to much larger, popular 4’x4′ patterns with 16 “tiles” or “stones” inside each larger tile. These large tiles snap together at the edges for quick assembly and good waterproof qualities.

Laminate Planks

Plank laminate is much larger than standard 12”x12″ porcelain or stone tiles – they run in sizes upwards of 4’x1’. Plank tile is modular and snaps together for fast assembly. It is common for plank tile to have wood grain patterns, but they can be printed with tile or stone patterns also.

laminate flooring in north york

Designs and Uses

Laminate tile in any form complements any style that wood, tile, or stone can be used with (including marble and granite). For budget-friendly applications that demand toughness – especially for your home in North York, you should look at laminate. For radiant flooring, laminate flooring works well to transmit heat in colder climates. And compared to older laminate varieties, new laminate is very moisture resistant. Use in your bathroom, kitchen, hallways, and throughout the house. Its toughness is ideal for playrooms and entryways.


A well kept laminate floor is one that does not have water sitting on it for days, or is constantly dirty. Regular sweeping or gently mopping will keep it looking nice. Just don’t use a steam cleaner, and your laminate floor will look superb for a long time.

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