Here at Floor Coverings International North York, we love to help homeowners choose the best hardwood flooring for their homes. Maple is a fantastic hardwood flooring choice here in North York due to its strength and subdued appearance. Before you decide, our experts want you to have all the facts on maple hardwood flooring.

About Maple

Maple ranks highly among domestic hardwoods for its overall durability. It boasts a Janka Hardness rating of 1450, putting it ahead of rivals like white oak, red oak, American walnut, and American cherry. Maple is a more sustainable hardwood flooring option because it’s a domestic product. Compared to imported exotic hardwoods, maple’s carbon footprint is much lower. Homeowners in North York are increasingly opting for native hardwoods like maple for this very reason.

maple hardwood flooring North York

In the Home

A notable aspect of maple hardwood is its subtle grain and warming look. While most hardwood materials are made from the heartwood, maple planks are usually sourced from the sapwood. Sapwood typically has creamy coloration intermixed with occasional hues of saffron and rouge. Top tier maple will have a compressed and uniform grain pattern, while mid-to-low tier maple may occasionally have a darker grain. Due to its light appearance, maple can be stained to fit the exact style of your home.

Maple hardwood’s durability and neutral coloration makes it fit in many areas of the homes. From entryways, kitchens, and stairwells to living rooms and bedrooms, maple flooring will provide insulation and style to your North York home.


Maple is relatively easy to care for. Make sure that you clean up any spills or messes immediately to prevent warping and long-term staining. We recommend that you sweep or dry mop your floor a couple times a week and lightly vacuum it once a week. This will catch the bits of grime and dirt that can build up and damage your hardwood over time.

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