Hickory hardwood flooring is a durable and rustic choice that will last for generations in your family’s home. In the North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham area, trust the professionals at Floor Coverings International North York to find the best hardwood floors for your home. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about hickory hardwood flooring.

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Hickory is among the hardest hardwood flooring options on the commercial market. With an amazing Janka hardness rating of 1820, hickory wood is coveted for its strength and durability.

The tight ring structure of hickory gives it unparalleled shock resistance and rigidity, and hickory has been used to make items like baseball bats, boat paddles, drum sticks, and wheel spokes.

There are many species of hickory native to North America, with “true hickory” and “pecan hickory” being the two most commonly used for flooring. Since it is a domestic product, the carbon footprint from shipping is lessened, making hickory a greener hardwood option. Homeowners looking for a more eco-friendly option should choose sustainably harvested hickory.


The strength of hickory makes it resistant to the scratches, dents, and scrapes commonly associated with hardwood. Hickory is fantastic in areas of the home with moderate to heavy traffic, including entryways, the living room, the kitchen, and hallways.

Due to its dense nature, hickory has an incredibly low moisture absorption rate which makes it resistant to warping. This makes hickory a fantastic choice for climates like ours where extreme temperature variations can sometimes lead to hardwood warping.

hickory hardwood North York


Hickory has a deep grain with a golden honey-toned base, varying sizes of knots, and swirling lines that range in color from espresso to copper.

The color and appearance of hickory can vary greatly from plank to plank, and a hickory floor is sure to add lots of visual interest to any room.  Some homeowners actually find hickory a little too busy for their liking, while others make this rustic star a top choice for family homes and vacation cabins.

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