birch hardwood in north york

About Birch Hardwood

If you’re looking for a quality hardwood for your home, birch hardwood may be a good choice for your home in North York.  It comes in three main varieties in descending hardness on the Janka Scale: sweet birch (1460), yellow birch (1260), and paper birch (910). All Birch hardwoods typically have a light creamy colored sapwood and dark brown or red heartwood. Another common birch flooring product is red birch — which is the processed dark heartwood of sweet birch. Many people compare the hardness and appearance of birch to maple—but birch tends to have a more pronounced color contrast with straight grain. Birch hardwood is a domestic tree variety, and while it is not as common as maple, it is not difficult to source, and should typically be less expensive.

How Durable is Birch Hardwood?

As mentioned earlier, birch ranges in hardness from 910 and 1460 on the Janka hardness scale. Birch does not have any special resistance to bugs or rot, so usual care should be taken to avoid creating environments that may cause undesirable damage to your flooring. Avoid installing birch flooring in areas where humidity or moisture may affect its integrity. Because of its hardness, birch may be used throughout the house, although special attention should be taken in areas of high use with the use of area rugs. A big benefit to birch is that tight grain pattern typical to this hardwood may hide scratches and wear better than other hardwoods.

birch hardwood in north york

Use & Maintenance

Birch is commonly used to make interior trim and doors, as well as woodworking crafts and plywood. Birch flooring takes well to stains, and its light sapwood looks amazing in natural yellow tones, reds, and even dark browns. The contrasting heartwood really stands out when stains are used. Because it is a hardwood, birch does not need a ton of regular maintenance outside of regular dusting with microfiber cloths, sweeping or vacuuming with a soft attachment. Birch flooring should be mopped with gentle detergents and soft mops. As with all hardwood flooring, proper care is the key to longevity. When properly cared for, birch hardwood will be a beautiful addition to your home in North York.

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