The knowledgeable experts of Floor Coverings International North York take pride in helping others find their dream floors and at incredibly affordable prices. It is our pleasure to locate suitable flooring alternatives that are both aesthetically and textually pleasing. If you are on the market for a flooring that both boasts with beauty and has a reputation for brawn, we would like to make a bold suggestion: ash hardwood.

ash hardwood in north york


This lumber is a heavy-duty species with a Janka Hardness rating of 1320, a considerably above average dimensional stability, and is a medium used only for the sturdiest situations, such as sports equipment and wooden ladders. Buyers appreciate ash hardwood’s distinguishable swirly grain that gives it the ability to mask blemishes and the flexibility to compliment a range of styles and tastes. This is truly a flooring alternative that will undoubtedly display both strength and allure through the passage of time in your North York home.


Ash Hardwood is a lumber that is domestic to us in the United States. It is available in a variety of hues, ranging from light golds to dark browns. It features an open grain pattern that is capable of absorbing and displaying vivid stains. Ash’s build is both elastic and solid, and is known for its outstanding shock resistance. Not only is this material physically flexible, but is also noted for its flexibility stylistically. With its variation of tones and depth of grains, ash hardwood has a unique versatility that places it above other flooring selections, making it appropriate for various homes and work spaces in North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham.

ash hardwood in north york


For those on the quest for a low-maintenance flooring option, ash is definitely the choice for you. Minor steps towards cleanliness will ultimately prevent permanent flaws from happening to your hardwood floor. By merely taking immediate action when a spill or accident occurs, implementing cleaning rituals to protect your floor from warping and molding, will ensure a long, fruitful life for your ash hardwood. For those seeking extra security, you can routinely apply a sealant for peace and reassurance.

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