Sisal is a carpeting selection that may initially come across as a strictly business flooring, however, is more than ideal for any home setting. It provides gentleness and sturdiness that makes it perfect for a family room or a busy child’s playroom. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, meaning that sisal carpet is beneficial both inside and outside of the home! Learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International North York.

sisal carpet in north york


This carpet has become increasingly popular for North York homes in recent years due to its sustainable build. Instead of being made from synthetic materials, requiring pricey fossil fuels to fabricate, sisal is a natural fiber alternative that incorporates renewable materials, making it one of the greenest flooring options on the market! It is constructed from the fibers of the sisal plant, a type of agave genus that is mostly harvested in Brazil.

Design Uses

The fibers of the sisal carpet have an incredible toughness and great strength due to its thick, fibrous materials. Like many natural carpet floorings, sisal has a distinctive color palette that includes tans, beiges, and creamy whites (as a result of its origins as organic plant matter). These fibers are woven into a natural looking fabric that is mildly neutral and will fit with nearly any décor.

sisal carpet in north york


We recommend that North York homeowners regularly vacuuming to keep their sisal carpeting in good shape! It is resistant to static and is not very flammable. Most do not know that sisal is actually quite absorbent and acts as a natural humidifier, meaning it will stay cool on hot days. Because it is a natural fiber carpeting material, it is also non-toxic and an excellent option for those with allergies and asthma.

Start Today!

By incorporating sisal carpet into your residential or commercial space you are providing limitless comfort and timeless style at a reasonable price, an investment that will benefit you today and for years to come! The experts at Floor Coverings International North York are ready to join you on your flooring exploration. Give us a call to learn how you can take advantage of our complimentary consultation. Our professionals offer a variety of services and have an impressive inventory on hand. It is with great joy that we serve those in the greater North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham area.

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