If your working or living space could use a gentle upgrade, why not consider a simple yet affordable carpet flooring update? The friendly professionals of Floor Coverings International North York recommend Berber carpet for homeowners in North York seeking carpeting that can withstand modern-day wear and tear with grace and style. This charming and versatile carpeting that is praised for its beauty and brawn will rejuvenate any space, making it the perfect project for your next home renovation adventure.

About Berber Carpetberber carpet in north york

Yesterday’s berber carpet was distinguished by its bright colors with speckled bits of grays and browns. The name derives from the Berber tribes in North Africa which featured the style of weave that we associate with today’s berber carpet. Today, we mostly define this carpet by its special looped weave, as opposed to the multifaceted palette that we knew in the past. Berber of today is available in bold, solid colors, paying homage to the looped weave of before, truly making this a versatile medium that would fit seamlessly in any North York place.

Uses & Benefits

This flooring stands out from the carpeting crowd with its reputation for strength. Berber is built from the olefin fiber which is considerably more cost-effective than materials like nylon and wool. In comparison to its competitors that are superficially trimmed, berber features its popular looped weave, ultimately making this carpeting more affordable due to its simplistic cut. While it was once only thought of as a basement or office flooring, berber is now considered an ideal selection for both homes and officers in the North York.

berber carpet in north yorkCleaning & Maintenance

Berber is ideal for those who desire minimum maintenance and a low-key cleanup. This carpet’s structure naturally repels accidents and refuses seepage into its threads, ensuring that permanent damages do not occur. Spills have the tendency to sit on the top of the fibers, allotting a generous length of time to appropriately respond and effectively execute a tidying plan. Implementing a simple cleaning ritual will guarantee the success and longevity of your berber carpet.

Start Today!

Berber carpet is the perfect solution for any flooring problem with its versatile style, comfortable texture, and affordable price. Contact the friendly experts at Floor Coverings International North York to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. We offer a wide range of flooring options to the greater North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Markham area.

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