We spend a lot of our time in our living rooms here in North York. From quiet evenings reading in front of the fire to fun-filled family game and movie nights, the living room is a major center of joy and relaxation for families. Find out the best carpets for this space from your experts at Floor Coverings International North York.

plush carpet in north york


Plush is constructed from densely compacted high pile carpet fibers. This unique manufacturing process makes plush the softest carpet available for the home. The cushiony nature of plush makes it the ideal choice for the living room. Plush comes in a wide range of both colors ranging from vibrant primary hues to neutral tones. One important aspect to pay attention to with plush is that it can get look “crushed” if furniture or other heavy items are left on it too long. Rearranging your living room every once in a while is an easy way to prevent this.

Friezefrieze carpet in north york

Frieze is perhaps the most popular carpet choice for homes here in North York and across Canada. The carpet fibers are longer in length and slightly twisted, giving it a textured, somewhat raggedy appearance. Frieze is most frequently seen in neutral and blended tones like grey, ivory, brown, and tan—attributes that contribute to its popularity and wide use. Unlike plush, frieze has greater overall strength and holds up quite well to heavy furniture. The length of frieze allows the strands to lay sideways, which mitigates the likelihood of warping or “crushing.”

living room carpet in north york

Area Rugs

If you have living room flooring that you already love like hardwood, natural stone, or tile but are looking to add a little bit of warmth or vibrancy to your space, then an area rug is the answer for you! They come in an endless array of colors and patterns that fit any living room and budget. Here at Floor Coverings International North York, we like large, vibrant area rugs for living rooms; we say, the bigger the better!

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