At Floor Coverings International North York, we love to bring you creative insight and perspectives from some of Canada’s most influential design bloggers. Our latest interview features North York’s Susan Abramson of Toronto Designers. You can follow Susan on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Susan Abramson

What is one of the most common challenges you run into when designing homes?

Challenges are so unique to each project actually. Sometimes it is layout and structural issues and sometimes it’s simply a client that has trouble deciding and then timelines can get messed up. I am currently working on a single family home from the ground up together with an architect. There always seem to be delays based on newly discovered structural issues. I was asked to secure all the plumbing fixtures for early October, which I did from Ginger’s, but now we are only meeting at the end of October once again so I can learn what the latest delays are… and if we need to make further changes to the fixtures, amongst other things. But if the client can have patience, I certainly should too!

This is one of the faucets (Avenue 58) I am hoping they go for! I love the light gold colour!!

Toronto Designers

How important is flooring when it comes to interior design?

Flooring is the starting point of any successful design scheme so it is extremely important to choose according to a client’s taste, need for durability, trendiness (or a classic look) and also, very important for most, budget.

Wood is a top choice for most today. Engineered wood flooring is very popular, and the trend, made possible by its structure, is to go extra wide in planks anywhere from 7” to even 12” wide.

White oak is a colour many are opting for these days. It is a hardwood that has minimal undertones of other colours so it reads soft, airy and oh so easy to work with. Not to mention light floors show way less dust than their dark counterparts.

What are recent design trends that Toronto residents should keep in mind?

I’m really loving the trends I’m seeing all over Pinterest. My page has tons of pins with the following trends:

  • Lots of 70s retro vibe
  • Lots of all white or all black rooms
  • Painting out all the millwork (baseboards, door and window casings, wainscoting, doors…) in the same colour as the walls, no matter the colour! Check out my blog on this trend… I just love it!
  • Hunter Green – what? Yup, but oh so different than in the 80s.
  • And gold – lots of gold! Gold faucets and light fixtures. I’m loving this all over again!

What are you working on right now?

In the past month, I suddenly found myself the owner of a teeny tiny condo in downtown North York. It’s a long story how this place ended up mine, but there I was in September staring at this tiny condo (less than 400 square feet), with 10 years of dirt and grime, loaded with the ‘as is’ dated furniture all there for me to deal with. So I set forth a plan so that the place could be dealt within about a week’s time and rented out ASAP.

Here was how the days unfolded:

  • Before I took possession – I arranged all the necessary forms, elevators, and guidelines for the condo board, as well I set up the date for Habitat for Humanity
  • Friday – received the keys in the evening
  • Saturday – cleaned
  • Sunday – cleaned some more
  • Monday – Had two contractors in to fix, repair, install new lighting and remove some horrible built-ins – I had a long list for them!
  • Monday afternoon – Habitat for Humanity came in to take all the furniture away
  • Tuesday – old floors were removed and underlay installed
  • Wednesday – new wide plank vinyl floors were installed (vinyl is waterproof and commercial graded so it was a perfect option for a rental… and the latest choices look amazing too!)
  • Thursday – the painters came in and I had every square inch of the place painted for a really fresh look
  • Friday – the painters finished
  • Friday afternoon – I finished cleaning and removing all the last bits of things and I snapped all my photos
  • Friday evening – the photos were up on Kijiji
  • Saturday and Sunday – I was showing the place to an overwhelming amount of inquiries
  • Monday, after all the necessary checks, I was putting together a lease for a lovely woman who wanted a complete new start in life! I gave her a floor plan of furnishings and links for all the new things she wanted for her fresh new space and the photos show how it turned out (but she still wants to add a bit of colour and personal touches). And she LOVES it! I’m so happy for her!!

 Bathroom Before

toronto designers toronto designers

Bathroom After

toronto designers

Kitchen Before

toronto designers

Kitchen After

toronto designers

toronto designersMain Area Beforetoronto designers Main Area Aftertoronto designers

Closet with Makeup Table
toronto designers toronto designers

TV Area Before

toronto designers

TV Area After

toronto designers