north york vinyl floor Vinyl is one of the most interesting materials that we work with at Floor Coverings International North York. It seems to have everything in its favor — durability, resilience, value, lifespan, and design. With so many qualities, there is a host of options for the installation of vinyl floors in your home. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of the best rooms for vinyl floors in North York.

Vinyl Floors in the Bedroom

Vinyl floors in the bedroom will likely last decades. Bedrooms are low traffic areas in general, so this plus vinyl’s natural durability means you’ve got yourself a floor that will endure with just occasional vacuuming or sweeping. As vinyl can faithfully replicate the look of natural materials, you can enjoy all the beauty of stone, for instance, but without stone’s weight (for above-grade bedrooms) and tendency to chill the feet!

Vinyl Floors in the Kitchen

Vinyl works well in kitchens due to its resilience. Spills and stains are a common occurrence in kitchens, and vinyl is not only near-invulnerable to stains, it’s also waterproof! Food crumbs that make their way beneath counters, the stove, or the fridge may attract insects, but good luck to the bug who decides to eat vinyl — it’s inedible! Hardwood suffers from moisture and insect issues, but with vinyl, you can enjoy the look of hardwood in your kitchen sans the worries.

north york vinyl floor

Vinyl Floors in the Basement

This is an easy entry on our list. Basements commonly suffer moisture issues, making floors like hardwood or cork a tough sell due to their porousness. Once again, vinyl is a cost-effective alternative to certain beautiful, but vulnerable, floor materials. Vinyl’s waterproof quality grants it an easy place in basements, preventing the development of mold and mildew. Even flooding can’t seem to make much progress against vinyl.

Floors Galore!

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