radiant heat flooring, floor coverings international north yorkAre you a homeowner in North York who wants the durable beauty of a tile floor, but doesn’t want to risk any toes to frostbite during colder weather? Thanks to advances in technology, tile floors can easily be installed with radiant heating to create a quiet, unobtrusive, way to warm your space throughout the day. Keep reading to learn more from the experts at Floor Coverings International North York!

Radiant Heat Flooring 101

The two most common systems for radiant heat flooring are hydronic (which uses hot-water tubes) or electric (which uses electric wires). The tubes or wires are installed underneath the floor and, when turned on, generate thermal radiation. The thermal waves travel upwards, transferring heat to any objects they hit (such as floor tile). While many types of flooring material can be installed with radiant heat systems, materials with low conductivity — such as wood — aren’t the best option because they’ll trap heat instead of radiating it outwards.

Best Tiles for Radiant Heat Flooring

Ceramic tiles pair wonderfully with radiant heat flooring. These tiles are affordable, easily customizable, and great at retaining heat. This means they’ll continue to stay nice and warm even after the power is turned off! Ceramic wood-look tile is popular among owners who want to combine radiant heat flooring with a hardwood aesthetic. Porcelain tile is another strong choice, particularly in wet environments like bathrooms that require an extra level of water impermeability.

Porous natural stone tiles, such as travertine, and sandstone, work particularly well with radiant heat flooring because of their excellent thermal properties. Granite is another favorite because of its durability and great heat conductivity. You can also use marble, but it will take a longer time to warm up.

If you’re interested in installing tile flooring with a radiant heat system, contact Floor Coverings International North York today and set up a free on-location design consultation!

Photo Credit: Moskalenko Yuliya